Party room Causeway Bay  is filled with cool, event-ready venues that can be rented for a few days, weeks or even months. Find them all on Storefront.

Located behind SOGO at Lockhart Road, Chrono offers three cosy rooms that feature different themes, like the ‘Causeway Bay’ room with old Hong Kong posters and signs and the ‘Camping’ room with a giant tent. Hone your skills in beer pong and video games, or hone your vocals at karaoke.

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay

With an excellent customer rating, Mini Hotel Causeway Bay provides a wide range of facilities to make your stay at the property a comfortable one. You can choose from 208 stylish rooms that are designed to offer an ideal accommodation for couples, solo travelers, and groups. Each room features basic cleaning services, free high-speed Wi-Fi internet access, a flat-screen TV, and an en suite bathroom with a shower and a hair dryer.

The hotel’s location is very convenient as it offers easy access to the best attractions in Hong Kong. You can walk to Lee Garden, Times Square and Hysan Place in around 10 minutes. It is also within walking distance of MTR Causeway Bay station, making it easy to travel to other parts of the city.

The hotel is a short drive from Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Ocean Park, and Victoria Harbour. It also provides a 24-hour front desk, and luggage storage.


The follow-up to the legendary Chrono Trigger is finally on modern consoles. Its core conceit is the idea of parallel worlds, and from there, the story gets very bonkers indeed. Serge, Lucca, and a third character that I won’t spoil get roped into an adventure that spans multiple timelines and a ton of playable characters.

The game doesn’t quite hit the heights of Chrono Trigger, but it is still very good and a ton of fun. It also benefits from a flexible design, whereby there are several different ways to beat the game, and a huge amount of replayabilty.

The main drawback is that it’s made clear that the touch-ups are merely an excuse to port the game to modern hardware, and there’s a lot of slowdown and stuttering around town. There is also no way to switch between the old pixel style and the new ones, so you can’t choose your visual comfort level.


A pair of sweatpants, a warm beverage and a good game are the perfect ingredients for a rainy day. Blackroom offers a wide range of games and activities, from fighting robots in Omni Arena to trying out the zombie-infested lab in TRAVR. The venue also has a 2000ft rooftop for BBQ parties. The venue is suitable for 10-80 people.

Located near party room Causeway Bay MTR Station, this party room is a short walk from hip boutiques and bistros in the area. It features a variety of games and entertainment facilities, including automatic mahjong, pool, Switch, electric darts board, karaoke and beer pong. It also has a kitchen area where guests can cook their own food.

The Causeway Bay district is home to a number of unique event-ready venues that can be rented for an afternoon, a day, or even several weeks. These include old warehouses and studios, some of which feature exposed brick and chandeliers. The best place to find these spaces is on Storefront.

The Roomss

The Roomss is a series of rooms that are inhabited by hostile entities. Players who reach the end of The Rooms will be rewarded with the Back On Track badge, similar to the one earned from beating Hotel+. Entities found in The Rooms include A-60, A-90, A-120, Curious Light and Glitch. These entities are distinct from the ones found in Hotel+, as they do not respond to the crucifix or candle. The Rooms also features an ambient sound that is played when entering the area, which can be described as a low hum or buzz.

Unlike other bad cult films that have become beloved by fans, The Roomss was almost entirely the product of Tommy Wiseau. His domineering personality, tendency to berate and humiliate actors and crew members, and refusal to compromise on any aspect of the film made it impossible to create a coherent narrative. The result is a bizarre, hilarious mess that is truly its own entity.

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